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International Music Festival Association Hermione
Posted: 02/05/2014

The International Festival of Hermione performed the second half of July and lasts until early August. Started in 1992 with the form of choral meeting and from 2007 as the International Festival of.  The International Festival of Hermione is multidisciplinary with dominant species choral and classical music. At the Festival participate top choral groups from Greece and abroad, symphony orchestras and renowned soloists. On parallel events included religious, traditional music, the jazz, modern music and art songs, traditional dances and theater. Many times take place ​​exhibitions from 2007 major exhibition of products and operations of Hermione. The festival is propound and the local artistic creation involving artistic ensembles or individual artists. The main organizer is the Musical Association of Hermione, co-organized by the Municipality of Hermione and the Peripheral unit of Argolis. Financial support has been at times the Ministry of Culture, OPAP, the Niarchos Foundation and many other prominent economic factors. Also important, is that this great event is private production and is based on supply and volunteering. Since 2011 the Festival has taken the form of Hermione festivals enriched with more events, covering spatial and cultural activities of the single, now municipality of Hermione. 

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