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Μέλι - Ermionis Μελισσοκομία Κρανιδίου
Posted: 06/06/2013

Our bee-keeping occupation began in 1914, when our family first got involved with it. We ourselves are the fourth generation of apiarists, keeping that tradition alive.

Our long bee-keeping experience led my wife and myself to a more professional involvement, as we established the first honey and herb packaging enterprise in Argolida in 2007.

Our enterprise has expanded, including the establishment of the Bee Museum, where visitors can come in immediate contact with the bee world. The enterprise is an original unit of production and packaging, and our honey is checked for its purity and freshness by an accredited chemistry lab every year.

From the beginning of our operation to the present day, we continued to strive and evolve to the best of our ability, offering you high quality products consistently and responsibly.

With tradition in apiculture since 1914, our passion for bees and its products carries on from generation to generation!

At our place, you can buy honey from aromatic plants and thyme, thyme honey, heather honey, carob honey, vinegar from honey, pollen, royal jelly, sesame bar, natural cosmetics and herbs. You can also find our products in the local market, under the brand name ermionis.


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