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Το κάψιμο του Ιούδα
Posted: 02/05/2013

Burning of Judas

The custom of «Judas» is a «spectacular folk ceremony" and part in celebrations of spring and lilacs. Revives decades, the main port of Hermione, the evening of Easter Sunday. Preparations begin Holy Week with the members of the Fisheries Association Hermione manufacturing, with taste and imagination, Judas dummy, with fabrics, straw, wood, flammable materials and crackers. Then the ' dummy’, which often refers to persons of sociopolitical affairs , hung on specially designed platform , erected in a prominent position in the open sea at the northern port.

After Vespers of Love and the sun farewell, solemnly, glorious day, people flock to the harbor. A throwback to custom creates the appropriate climate and then boats and other small vessels arriving from the Bisti lit smoke. Move cyclically around from the podium with the dummy and the Head of Mission shall assume the torched.

The spectacle is impressive! Hundreds of fireworks light up the sky Ermionidas , coupled with the deafening sound of crackers , to give a festive event that closes with traditional dances , immobilizing the most discerning guest.

At the beginning of the century the custom was the evening of the Resurrection, after "Love». They set the effigy of Judas at the western entrance of the Church of the Archangels, on top of a large pile of stones that looked like «skull place " and then put the fire.

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