Ermioni a City - Island

An ideal combination with history and quality holidays!

Ermioni - Local Products

Delicious citrus, top quality oil, fresh fish and seafood ...

"Ερμιόνη δ’ εστίν των ουκ ασήμων πόλεων"

Built and rebuilt in the same place, inhabited almost without interruption since at least 3000 BC.

Ermioni and Sailing

An ideal harbor for sailing enthusiasts!

Welcome to Ermioni!

Ermioni is a beautiful coastal town or a city-island like is been characterized,
located on the southeastern coast of Argolida,85km southest of Nafplion, at an altitude of 5 meters.

Belongs the the Ermionida province as the name implies.Is a coastal town with 2.562 inhabitants.

Its economy relies mainly on tourism due to its island color, but also on farming and fishing.

Ermioni offers ideal holidays combining the peaceful atmosphere of an island with a lively fun.

The sea that embraces the two sides of the town formes ith the north the port wich is a traditional trading center and in the south Mandrakia.

In traditional taverns and cafes with fish nets around ,the visitor can enjoy wine or ouzo with fresh seawater delicacies.

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